Our Mission

With our five pillar mission we want to help the youth growing into contributing members of society.

We work with Governments, Development Partners, Donor Agencies, Private Sector to deliver maximum impact infrastructure projects such as schools and classrooms for local communities.


We provide scholarships, tuition fees, educational materials, activities and programs cut across scholarships from Primary to Tertiary institutions.
We promote quality educational development by offering teacher training programs and professional support to upgrade skills of teachers.


This is one of our core areas of focus. We offer mentoring programs to develop specific skills of students while also keeping track record of progress


Sport is a tool that cuts across all barriers and promote grassroot development. Through our
sports development programs, we unite communities and motivate young people.


We understand the role communities play in the society. Therefore, we engage with them and include them in our projects. By empowering youth drawn from these communities we aim at creating maximum impact.

„Our rapidly-changing world faces  constant major challenges … which  further widen inequalities and exert an impact for decades to come. More than ever, we have a collective responsibility to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, helping to reduce long-lasting societal breaches that threaten our shared humanity. Hence, education should be a universal right, and a reality for all. To rise to the challenges of our time, a move towards more inclusive education is non-negotiable – failure to act is not an option.”

(United Nations
Global Education Monitoring Report 2020)