Who we are

Youth Compass Foundation is a progressive NGO that works closely together with businesses and private donors to develop projects dedicated to improving education in underdeveloped communities in the African region. Being an African-European organization, we play on the strength of professional local presence, both in the target country and our donor countries in Europe, to provide social impact in a collaborative and trustworthy way.


Impact and transparency are our drivers

As a small and structured organization, we work relentlessly to ensure complete transparency in the use of our donations by providing detailed reports on the projects both in terms of financial contribution and social impact. These projects are developed and executed to ensure the highest social return on investment according to local needs – providing sustainable and progressive solutions where most needed, while ensuring the highest impact for donors.

Our organization

Youth Compass Foundation is a small and reliable NGO that ensures high accountability and transparency to its corporate partners through its organizational structure and collaboration with trusted partners. 

We are divided in European and African operations: While our team in Europe is in charge of strategic planning and fundraising activities, the African division is in charge of project diagnosis, development and project execution. 

The advisory council, consisting of experienced professionals with diverse industrial backgrounds, oversees and controls the allocation of funds to project in order to ensure maximum transparency and accountability.

Meet the team

We are a team of highly motivated, engaged, and social impact-driven young people. Despite our diverse educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds, we have one thing in common: We believe that every child should have the possibility to access basic education in order to embark on a personal journey to success. With our dedication to the Youth Compass Foundation, we found a way to put this mission into action. Every day we are getting one step closer to a world where every child can enjoy education.

Felix Thyen

Executive Director and Founder

Thomas Clementi

Managing Director and Founder

Taslim Ahmed

Executive Director and Founder
Lea Gnädinger

Lea Gnädinger

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
SimonSager Head of DACH

Simon Sager

Head of Corporate Donor Relations and Co-Founder
Kristin Stavrum Head of SCANDINAVIA

Kristin Stavrum

Head of Private Donor Relations and Co-Founder

Martina Gianola

Public Donor Relations Manager

Lennart Falkenberg

Head of Public Donor Relations

Fabian Winda

Chief Technology Officer

Joy Ogiator

Project Manager

Kai Wurster

Corporate Donor Relations Manager

Djamila Marzai

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Neugebauer

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Divakova

Bárbara Carvalho

Fanni Miskucza

Julia Rawlinson

Minqiu Zhao