YCFxCEMS: Run with purpose

Together with 18 CEMS Clubs from around the world we are organizing a fundraiser to cover tuition fees for children and youth in Nigeria with a 3 week long running competition – YCFxCEMS: Run with Purpose.

Through this project we will be giving out scholarships to youth from two secondary level schools in Jada, a city in the state of Adamawa approximately 600 km from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

We are excited to see how the CEMS Spirit and the network of the clubs can contribute to ensuring access to education for talented youth in underdeveloped communities Nigeria. CEMS Clubs are the local representation and social institution for CEMS Students, who are talented master students from around the world pursuing a double degree in International Management with the CEMS Alliance – a highly competitive and reputable master’s degree organized by the network of the best business schools from around the world.

As future business leaders of tomorrow, the CEMS Clubs and the students will be able to pay forward the opportunity of pursuing an education while contributing to a more open, sustainable and inclusive world by participating in this fundraiser and running competition. We look forward to see the CEMS Spirit thrive as the clubs compete against each other on running the most kilometres the upcoming weeks and raising money from their networks.

Are you a CEMS Student or Alumni and want to participate in the run? Sign up using this link: https://youthcompassfoundation.org/ycfxcems/